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Lawn Treatments

Lawn Fertilization:

 3 Applications

  1. Early Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Fall
Broadleaf Weed Control:

2 Applications

  1. Early Summer
  2. Fall
Fall Limestone Application



Lawn over-seeding

Fall core aeration

Insect control

Tree and shrub pruning

This service includes pruning of low hanging branches on trees. It is limited to limbs that can be reached by ground using a pole pruner. Shrub pruning includes from shaping, corrective pruning, and rejuvenation.

Shrub Pruning

Now is the time to prune or shape many of your landscape shrubs. The reason I went into this field is that my high school agriculture teacher saw that I had an eye for the art of pruning.  After my college education and 28 years of field experience your shrubs will be in good hands. Generally early summer pruning is just shaping the shrub. Some corrective pruning may be done but usually is done in late fall or early spring. Sometimes rejuvenation of the shrub is done but this has to wait until late fall or early spring.  I also do pruning on trees. I do have limitations on tree pruning.  On young trees I remove cross branching, dead branches and general thinning of small internal branches.  On larger older trees I remove any low hanging branches in the way for lawn maintenance such as mowing. I will also remove any dead or broken branches but I am limited to only branches up to 15 feet above the ground. I work from the ground with a power tree pruner. I do not climb or do any bucket work on older tall trees.

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